The services we offer will help you create, protect and transform value today so you can thrive tomorrow

Financial Consulting Services

We give advice on the management of internal financial systems. A corporate finance strategy can have a profound impact on both short-term profits and long-term fiscal health. Our in-depth Knowledge of financial planning reporting and control system, and treasury risk management enables us to understand fully how our clients work and to help them either refine their current financial arrangement process or develop new one to suite specific needs.

Our financial consultants typically collaborate with the chief financial officer (CFO) of a company to connect all tactical short- and long-term goals with the business’s financial goals relating to spending, return on investment (ROI), profit margins, etc. Also, our consultants could provide aid with duties and taxes, consultation strategies, cost-cutting tactics, etc.

Information Technology Services

Provision of assistance and guidance to clients for;

  • Development of computer based information systems.
  • Acquisition and evaluation of software and hardware.
  • Post completion review of newly developed systems.
  • Flow charting.

Management Consulting Services

Our consultants with vast management experience, provide advisory services to help senior executives manage teams, projects, and divisions more effectively every day. We collaborate with company’s internal strategists to create a blueprint outlining its long-term management goals.

Corporate and statutory services

We offer advisory services regarding corporate laws and regulations applicable in Pakistan. To accomplish compliance requirements we also closely coordinate with regulatory bodies like SECP, FBR, SBP, IPO, and CDC.

We offer services including:

  • Incorporation of company and other special legal body incorporation
  • Registration with various regulatory authorities
  • Corporate and regulatory advice
  • Further issuance of capital, alteration in memorandum